No More Excuses

You woke up this morning and something was different. Not visible to anyone else, at least not yet. But deep within, you knew your life was about to change. Because today you're ready to take the first step toward a life that looks a bit more active, a bit more balanced, and a bit more deliberate.

Today, you're more aware of what you want. What you really want. For you and the ones who love you. Today, you're ready to become Personally Fit.


When you're serious about changing the way you look and feel, you need a health club as dedicated to your success as you are. Personally Fit exceeds your expectations by fusing the personal training you'd expect from a small studio with the facilities of a full-service health club.

Our Membership Options

  • 3, 6 or 12 Month Membership
  • Unlimited Health Club Access - including group training classes, nursery, showers, and recovery spaces
  • Student, Teacher and Senior Discounts
  • Mother / Daughter Memberships
  • Group Training - Cardio Fusion, Power Pilates, Kickboxing, Step, Yoga and more

Personally Fit offers more than just a treadmill

Membership benefits include: (what makes us different from the rest)Fitness Director. With each visit, Personally Fitís Fitness Director will help you determine which workout would be best to accomplish your daily goals. The Fitness Director is also available to assist you with your workout to ensure you get the most out of each and every visit to Personally Fit.

12-month Success Program

Upon enrollment in a 12-month membership, you are assigned your personal Success Coach with whom you meet every 12 weeks for fitness check-ups. The fitness check-ups include consultations, basic evaluations (height, weight, circumference measurements, body fat analysis), goal setting, development of action plans to accomplish goals and assistance on implementation of Personally Fit's No More Excuses lifestyle.

Circuit of the Month

A total body workout designed each month by the Personally Fit trainers to help you maximize results and avoid plateaus. These workouts are posted throughout the gym and are coupled with workshops to instruct you on proper body mechanics when using the Circuit of the Month workout and teach you how to incorporate the Circuit of the Month into your training plan.

In addition to your membership, we encourage you to take advantage of the group classes, personal training and nutrition and weight loss programs available exclusively at Personally Fit.